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The new year is just a Champagne toast away!

he countdown has begun. Whether you're celebrating at home or at one of our hot spots around the world, we're saying farewell to a decade that has been a lot of fun. Cosmopolitans came and went. High-end vodka came and stayed. Chardonnay lost some oak. New World wines became the potable du jour. But bubbly, the perfect beverage to toast 2010, never went out of style. Check out our guide to this perennial favorite, from budget sparklers to prestige cuvées. Browse our Top 10 Gifts for Wine Lovers, and enjoy everything else in-between. See you next year!

All About Bubbles

We've tasted our way through hundreds of bottles of bubbly in categories that range from American-made sparkling wines to Budget Champagnes and Top-of-the-Line Têtes to bring you 70 of the best. You'll be sure to find something to kiss 2009 adieu in style:

Top 10 Prestige Cuvées
Top 10 Mid-Range Champagnes
Top 10 Value Champagnes
Top 10 Budget Champagnes
Top 10 Rosé Champagnes
Top 10 American Sparkling Wines
Top 10 Sparkling Wines

For a general overview based on ratings, consult our Top Rated Sparkling Wines & Champagne. What's the difference between cava and prosecco? Want to learn more about sparkling wine? Check out Champagne 101: The Basics; How Sparkling Wine is Made; and 72 Hours in Reims (the birthplace of Champagne in France), and visit our Blog: Champagne royalty Olivier Krug was generous enough to share with us some secrets—and a couple of bottles. If you are in the market for a really big celebration, we've got your ticket.

Top 10 Wine Gifts

Our wine gift guru has selected ten gifts for all-wallet sizes, from an inexpensive winemaking computer game that allows you to create the French vineyard of your dreams to a case of "Come Fly With Me" Cabernet Sauvignon from Sinatra Family Estates and a limited-edition, Slovenian-crystal-made, Champagne-holding flute, designed by couturier Christian Louboutin. Or take a friend out to one of our wine events and tastings near you!
Here's a tip to save money dining out: Take 60% off at! Use code GAYOT60 through 12/15/09.

Holiday Spirits

Is bubbly not your cup of tea? We've compiled our annual Top 10 Holiday Wines for those who like to stick with the vine. Our Food & Wine Pairing guide will help you match varietals and menus. Or, let your spirits soar with our selection of Top 10 Spirits, featuring the world's first hootch made from Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee)! For more classic types, we recommend a sublime single-malt Scotch and one of the finest tequilas you'll ever taste. And while you're whetting your palate, sample our Top 10 Cognacs.

Winter Beer

Baby, it's cold outside … and we are craving a hearty brew from our list of Top 10 Winter Beers. Instead of teasing your tastes buds with Bud, try pale celebration ales, spiced winter lagers and rare Belgian Glühkriek—a tongue twister designed to be served warm.

We hope that your holiday season will be a festive one. The new decade is just a Champagne toast away!

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