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Martini & Rossi

Sparkling Rosé

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé

Back when we were too young to drink, we remember bottles of MARTINI & ROSSI vermouth and Asti in the liquor cabinet that would emerge during parents’ parties. The lengthy history of the esteemed Northern Italian company is a double-edged sword; it has a long-established worldwide reputation, but few people of age want to drink what their parents enjoy. Keeping in mind Coca-Cola’s disastrous attempt to market the "improved" product "New Coke," M&R didn’t want to change their long-time successful formulas in order to try to please fickle youth.

So, instead of changing their Asti, the best-selling imported sparkling wine in the U.S., they simply updated the packaging, while introducing an entirely new wine: Sparkling MARTINI & ROSSI Rosé.  Along with their frisky Prosecco, M&R now makes a trio of different sparkling wines that are enjoyable and affordable.

While the Asti employs solely Moscato Bianco grapes from the Piedmont region, the Rosé uses them for 60 percent of the fruit, and adds Brachetto and Malvasia grapes to the mix. Fruit for the initial release of the non-vintage wine were harvested last autumn. The result falls between their sweet Asti and their dry white wine, Prosecco. Fruity on the nose, with hints of citrus, the Rosé is balanced well, with a surprisingly dry aftertaste. The carbonated beverage can be enjoyed with light fare like fish, or later in a meal with cheese or fruit, or even on its own.

At a retail price of just $13, the new product is certainly a good value. The Sparkling Rosé space is growing, and M&R have found a way to offer a capable product at an extremely low price point. We hope to share a bottle with our parents soon.

by Jeff Hoyt

Rating: 13/20
: $13

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