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skybar Wine Chill Drops - Review

Wine Accessory

Chill Out

skybar Wine Chill Drops bring a glass of wine to the proper serving temperature in no time

Serving wine at the proper temperature can make a big impact on its taste, turning a good bottle into a great one. It's not easy getting wines chilled to the proper temperature, though, and doing so usually means planning ahead and putting wine in the refrigerator before serving it. Luckily, skybar's Wine Chill Drops allow oenophiles to enjoy a glass of vino at the right temperature without the long wait; the invention will chill wine up to twenty times faster than a refrigerator. The Wine Chill Drops can cool a red to the proper serving temperature in ninety seconds and chill a white wine in eight minutes. These drops are sleek and stylish round pieces of stainless steel, which need to be left in the freezer for at least three hours before use. Simply drop one into an empty glass, pour your unchilled wine over the top and wait. (The drops will fit in any glass, even a Champagne flute.) When the wine reaches the proper temperature, remove the drop and place it in the Wine Chill Drop Holder. The set comes with two Chill Drops and two holders, which can be stored in the freezer when not in use. For the spirits enthusiast, these drops could even be used in lieu of ice cubes, ensuring that drinks will not become watery.

Reviewed by Megan Sebestyen

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