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Wine Tastes Wine Styles

The World of Vino

by Andrew Jefford

Wine Tastes Wine Styles transcends the boundaries of your everyday coffee table book by pairing stunning Wine Tastes Wine Styles by Andrew Jeffordphotography with an informative strategy for understanding the wine world. Author Andrew Jefford, former drink correspondent for the London Evening Standard and writer for Food and Wine, breaks down the sometimes-illusive subject by proposing a three-part approach to understanding wine. He starts with "The Taste of Wine," which explores in depth the three routes to discovering wine: by grape variety, by learning about the places in which wine is grown, and by understanding winemaking. He writes: "Grape varieties are, if you like, the genes of a wine; the place on earth in which a vine rows provides its family context, its upbringing, and its environment."

He then moves on to "Wine Styles," where wines are divided into groups according to their color, body, and whether they are still, sparkling, or fortified. Readers who once felt overwhelmed trying to select the right wine for a certain occasion or meal are sure to feel enlightened. Finally, "The Pleasure of Wine" provides tips on how to enjoy wine wholly, by tackling subjects such as where to buy, storing, serving, and choosing wine in restaurants. This book will be as wonderful a resource for the novice as it is pleasing to the eye. Other useful wine resources from Ryland Peters & Small: Wine Journal ($19.95) and Wine Notes ($6.95).

  (Updated: 03/09/09 SV)

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