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Torre Oria

Gran Reserva
Varietal/Style: Tempranillo
Derramador Valley, Spain
Vintage: 1991
Winemaker: n/a
Rating: 14/20
Retail Price: $13.50

Tasting Notes: Soft, dry and low in tannins, this 1991 has hit a peak. Its extensive oak aging is evident in its earthy, woody aromas. Surprisingly acidic for its age, the wine offers a complete package: the mouthfeel is soft; the finish smooth; yet the flavor is full and the fruit is vibrant. A varietal that is so rarely celebrated in our country, we relish this Tempranillo for its Spanish flare. A food-friendly style, this wine makes us want to break out the tapas. (Date tasted 01/28/01)

Cava Brut
Varietal/Style: Sparkling Wine
Derramador Valley, Spain
Vintage: NV
Winemaker: n/a
Rating: 13/20
Retail Price: $13

Tasting Notes: The Cava Brut is made from a blend of still wines that have been aged for 18 months before undergoing secondary fermentation. The result is a crisp, brunch-style sparkling wine with a medium-fine stream of bubbles and a clean finish. Its aromas and flavors are of lemon and other citrus zest with a hint of green apples, Asian pears and a touch of minerality on the finish. It is the kind of wine you can count on for producing delicious breakfast mimosas or dressing up a casual holiday party at an affordable price. (Date tasted 12/03/10)

Wine of the Week December 6, 2010:
Torre Oria Cava Brut

Torre Oria, a Spanish winemaker

Profile: Founded in 1897, Torre Oria's roots in the Spanish winemaking community run deeper than a vineyard. Begun as a family venture, the winery has been run since 1982 by a local group from the town of Renquena. Since 1991, a Valencian group, Natra, joined the development in order to help facilitate expansion. In addition to a comprehensive line-up of still wines, the winery also produces cava, sparkling wines in the Spanish tradition.

Franklin Beverage Group, Importers
City: San Jose, CA
Phone: 1-800-922-9363
Web site:

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