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Cabernet Franc Tasting

"Because Cabernet Franc is still an emerging varietal in the U.S., consumers can find wines with a lot of flavor and great texture at reasonable prices. We sell a couple of them [at Spago] and I find that they go very well with the cuisine. They are full-bodied enough for Cabernet Sauvignon lovers to appreciate yet offer a simple, food-friendly style at a very good value."

Michael Bonarccorsi, Wine Director of Wolfgang Puck's Spago

Novus Vinum's Picks

Treasured in Bordeaux as a blending varietal, Cabernet Franc is beginning to blossom in the U.S. as a softer and less tannic alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon able to thrive in less-than-perfect growing conditions. Here's a look at some of Novus Vinum's favorite picks.

Check out the results of our Cabernet Franc Tasting

o 1999 Cabernet Franc—Tarara Winery
o 1999 Cabernet Franc—Standing Stone Vineyards
o 1999 Cabernet Franc—Hosmer
o 1999 Cabernet Franc—Daniel Gehrs Wines
o 1998 Premier Etage Cabernet Franc—Lang & Reed

10 Cabernet Francs for around $20

Cabernet Franc is one red varietal for which there is still a wealth of bargains to be found. Although it is still too much of a novelty wine to for many makers to offer quality wine for under $10, most of the great bottles out there are still under $20.
$10 for $10 and under
1998 Gundlach Bundschu Rhinefarm $19
o 1996 Monthaven $10
o 1998 Steele Shooting Star $12
o 1998 Stevenot $17
o 1997 Villa Mt. Eden $12
o 1996 Wildhurst $14
o 1997 Ironstone $10
o 1997 Perry Creek $18
o 1996 Kendell Jackson Grand Reserve $16
o 1998 Vinum Placer County Clos du Lac $20

More Tasting Notes

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