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Rosé: A Guide to the World's Most Versatile Wine

By Jeff Morgan

Reviewed by Sylvie Greil

Our first brush with blush wine occurred about 15 years ago. Fresh off the plane from Germany where we spent a humid summer sipping cool Rosé by the gallon in bustling outdoor cafés, we requested a glass with our dinner. The waiter was confused at first, then corrected himself: “Oh, you mean blush wine?” We don’t remember the bottle the juice came from, just that it was indeed pink, disgustingly sweet and caused an instant headache.

Rosé in the New World has come a long way. Just ask Jeff Morgan, author of Rosé: A Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Wine. Of course, being a Napa Valley winemaker who produces dry Rosé and the founder of RAP: Rosé Avengers and Producers, he’s a bit biased in favor of pink. But he’s on the right track. Rosé in America is slowly but surely shedding its negative image of either being too sweet or simply of poor quality. It’s no longer outré to “out” yourself as a Rosé lover.

This book examines the versatility of dry Rosé wines. The reader will learn what a Rosé is and what it is not. You get the skinny on European pink wines from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Greece. You will learn about California Rosé pioneers, trendsetters and iconoclasts. You’ll be hard-pressed to find good pairing suggestions for this stepchild of a wine, so we especially appreciated the book’s food and wine pairing section—it’s very Eurocentric, which we like, too. Try the simple baguette with butter and prosciutto, pâtes au pistou, or braised rabbit and lamb. Another good feature: a word on sparkling Rosé and the tasting guide. Perhaps it’s time for you to think pink as well.

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